Introduction: Bottle Cap Pendant

Easy and Inexpensive!

Step 1: Tools and Materials Used.

1. Bottle cap
2. Tortilla Press
3. 1" paper punch
4. Butterfly border paper punch
5. Glossy Accents by Ranger
6. Metal Punch and Hammer
7. Picture of something neat

Step 2: First Steps

After some research and several YouTube videos I found the best way to get bottle caps to the my desired shape was to use a tortilla press. Once you do the first smash you can open the press and rotate the cap a couple of times and repress to get an even back. When you are happy with the shape place the bottle cap on a block of scrap wood and using the metal punch place a hole in the brim of the cap. This can be done after the cap is made but I'd advise against it due to the possibility of the cap ripping and having to start all over. After the hole is punched you are ready to start the fun part (unless you like smashing bottle caps, then you just done the fun part). Using the 1" paper punch pick out your pic. I usually slide the catch out and turn the punch upside down to get an idea of where my cut is going to be. On the back side of the page I used i found an inked drawing to use the butterfly border punch on. I tried using lettering for the butterflies but was unhappy with the results. Fold the butterflies in half down the center and unfold. This will give it a bit of a 3d look so the cutouts don't lie completely flat. Once you have everything prepared you should be ready to start gluing.

Step 3: Wrapping It Up

Apply a little of the glossy accents to the pendant then place your cutout on. You can smooth this out with your fingertips or a small rounded rod or roller to make sure your picture is settled flat. Next with just a dab of glossy accents you can position the butterflies how you want on the piece. Starting on the outside work a bead of glossy accents in a circle and into the middle. If you go at a slow pace you can get a bit of a dome effect. If more needs to be added its easier to have a scrap piece of paper to the side to get the glue to the tip as it can shoot air bubbles into your work.Any bubbles that appear can usually be worked out with a needle or piece of wire in the first few minutes. This stuff usually takes a few hours to a day to cure so place it in a safe place and go enjoy digging through more Instructables!

Step 4: Notes

Bottle Cap Pendants are nothing new but I figured I would give my take on it and maybe throw a little inspiration out. Resin is used alot in making these and look awesome. However with my lack of ventilation and non desire for resin fumes I opted for the Ranger product. The hole punches were purchased at Hobby Lobby along with Glossy Accents. The Tortilla press was bought at a Fiesta Mart but I'm sure many retailers would have them. And the book was picked up at a Half Price Books clearance shelf for $3. Hope you enjoyed and have fun creating.

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