Introduction: Bottle Cap Popper

Step 1: Intro

Nothing feels better than eating a fish you caught on a lure you made. This lure is an easy project and could be done with young children but the hooks and knife are sharp.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

You will need:
A bottle cap plastic or metal
A wine cork
Two plastic eyes
Two treble hooks
Three eye screws
A knife

Step 3:

Screw one of the screws through the cap. You may need to punch a hole with a nail and hammer.

Step 4:

Cut the cork to the length and shape you want.

Step 5:

Screw the cap onto the body.

Step 6:

Put the hooks on the screws.

Step 7:

Screw in the hooks and glue down the eyes.

Step 8:

Now you are finished. Go get the catch of the day.

Step 9:

This is an updated version. The hooks go throughout the body so they aren't pulled out easily. I fly tied two hooks together an made a tail. Then, I cut a slot in the bottom and put the hook in the cork and glued it in. I punched a hole in the cap to fit over the eyes of the hooks and screwed it in.