Introduction: Bottle Cap & Shampagne Cork Pendant

Beer and shampagne are probably not something you want to mix in drinking, but, as I discovered, it goes well enough in crafting. The pendants on this photos are from the previous batch I made, but the photos ere good for thumbnail so I used them here intead of one I'm showing how to make.

Step 1:

So here's the materials you'll need:

- some nice bottle cap;

- some nice shampagne cork;

- shoelace or something similar;

- a cople of metal eyelets ~1cm in diametre;

And I haven't made a list of tools because I'm lazy.

Step 2:

Take a cork and slice a top part making it a bit thicker than the bottle cap. Also you may need to trim sides to fit it into the cap.

Step 3:

To make the opening I'm using a hole punch with the diametre adequate to the eyelet. To make a hole in the cork more accurate I'm just pushing and twisting the hole punch with my hand. The hammer does the rest of the job with the cap. Also I'm making a few taps from the back side afterwards to push the edge inside.

If you don't have a hole punch, you can drill the hole and use round file or a dremel tool to enlarge the opening and smooth the edges.

Step 4:

Insert larger eyelet parts into opening. If you'll get a snug fit the gluing isn't necessary.

Step 5:

Now attach the lace and you're done (just make sure it's long enough so you can put the pendant on).

Step 6:

Personally I like these pendants, they can make a nice souvenirs if you're using local brewages as a source of crafting materials.

So, thank you for your attention, and craft responsibly.

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