Bottle Flower Pot

Introduction: Bottle Flower Pot

When our relatives or friends come to our home its our first right to welcome them in a magnificent manner, not like royal welcome but by giving them a beautiful flower pot like I have made. This is an ordinary bottle but a great art for presenting it in front of our guests.

Material Required:

1) Empty glass Bottle

2) 2 different colored Wool

3) Glue

4) Flower loom

Step 1: Cover the Bottle

1) Apply glue on the bottom of the bottle to stick the wool.

2) Stick the starting end of the wool to the bottle where the glue is applied and start rotating the bottle so that the wool start sticking to the bottle and no problem is created to again and again rotate the wool around the bottle.

3) Stick the wool from down to top of the bottle


1) Don't leave any gap between the strings of wool

2) Don't leave the starting end of the string of wool for some time till you have 2-3 layers over

3) Be careful on the slant of the bottle. With light hands cover the slant

Step 2: Decorate the Bottle

1) After covering the bottle take white color wool and stick it on three places as shown above.

2) With the help of a flower loom make a flower as shown above and stick it on the middle of the bottle where white wool is stick.

Your Bottle flower pot is now completed. CONGRATULATIONS!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks lakshay garg for your comment. i have added more details.

    lakshay garg
    lakshay garg

    7 years ago on Introduction

    wow you nailed it. I am dying to make one. But try to add more details (photos,steps and descriptions).