Introduction: Bottle Opener

This is the first thing I made It at Tech Shop, We made bottle openers in the Basic metal shop class. 

Tools that were used in the metal shop were
Vertical Band Saw
Horizontal Band Saw
Cold Saw
Sanding disk wheel
Grinding wheel (setup for Aluminium grinding)
Drill press
Scribe, Center punch and 3/8 drill bit

Material was flat stock of Aluminium that was cut down to 6 inch's

1st Step was to cut the stock down to a workable piece of material from the stock to 7 inch's using the Cold Saw.
2nd, We were given a template to scribe the metal for easy cutting.
3rd, was to use the the Horizontal Band Saw to cut the piece to just over 6 inch's with a little left for the grinding/cleanup.
4th, we moved over to the Drill Press to make two holes in the metal, one for the opener part of the tool and the other one to hang                
        the opener in your shop.
5th, was to use the Vertical Band Saw to cut out the shape of the opener in the metal where it creates the hook part that wraps
       around the bottle top.
6th, we moved over to the Disk sander and Grinders to refine our openers and smooth them out to our liking.

This was a fun and easy tool to make with the great help of our instructor at the, who was very clear to make sure what we were was done in a safe manner not to miss use the tool or to injure ourselves.

Granted this was done with some dedicated tool at the but you can also get the same results with hand tools at home.