Introduction: Bottle Top Magnet

If your like me, you see creativity in waste. Months ago I made a hand full of these little bottle top magnets and tonight decided to make an instructable for them.

What you will need:
Bottle tops
Epoxy + something to mix it with/on
Strong magnets

Step 1: Round-up Supplies

First thing to do is find your caps, obviously ones that haven't been destroyed. The easiest ones are twist off and you'll be surprised if you drink often how many just get tossed.

Then track down your magnets, rare earth magnets work best. I'm cheap and pulled mine from broken cd-roms. I won't go into detail, but lets just say it takes a bit of work to get them out and I won't cover that in this tutorial!

Step 2: Prep Work

With any project there's minor prep work needed. For this I have a blurry image of me scratching up the inside of the bottle caps with a dremil. This allows the epoxy to hold much better.

Once that's done, put your magnet(s) on one of the sides in the center. Also you will want to mix up your expoxy at this point.

Step 3: Put It Together

Your almost done, take some epoxy and spread it around the edge of one of the sides. If there's extra put some on the magnets to hold them to the cap.

Put the two caps together (line up the notches to make it look nicer) and put the side with the epoxy around the edge on top. This will hopefully drip down to the bottom one and once dries be hard to break apart (i've dropped mine several times so I know it works).

Step 4: Marvel in It's Glory

Once it all dries you'll have a pretty cool looking fridge magnet! I went overboard during the summer and made a hand full of them, and make one every time I try a new bottled beverage I like. Have fun!