Bottle Upcycled Tiny Salt & Pepper Shaker

Introduction: Bottle Upcycled Tiny Salt & Pepper Shaker

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It's always great to have ways of using waste plastic in useful ways. Cleaning up the environment while creating something new. In this project, we've used discarded plastic bottles to make a tiny salt and pepper shaker with a real unique look. We don't need much and it can be done in 30 minutes, let's get started.


  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 2 plastic bottles (same kind and size)
  • Scissor/Knife
  • Glue
  • Soap
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Step 1:

We will be removing the tops from bottles to serve as our containers for our salt and pepper.

  • Cut the bottle at the neck as high as possible
  • Once you have your 2 bottle tops, use your scissors to cut off any excess and uneven plastic.
  • Depending on how well you made your cut, you may not need to sand the ends but you can for a smoother finish.

Step 2: Making Your Shaker Holes

Now we will be making the holes to shake your salt and pepper through.

  • Ensure your corks a screwed on tightly.
  • Using your blade or scissors, cut a few small holes in the cork from the inside out. The holes should be parallel to each other and only take up 1/3 of the surface of the cork.

Step 3: Center Divider

We will now make the divider to separate our salt and pepper.

  • Glue the tops of the bottle to the cone-shaped area of the bottle below the neck.
  • Hold in place until the adhesive has cured.
  • Once both ends have been stuck to the bottle, cut out the plastic around the corks
  • Trim off any excess plastic.
  • Now glue the 2 halves together.

Step 4: Cleaning

One the glue has dried, wash and rinse the shaker with soap and water, it needs to be clean before we add our salt and pepper.

Step 5: Adding the Stand

Alling support to our shaker will allow it to stay upright on its own.

  • Cut out the center of the bottom of the bottle.
  • Trim it into a circle.
  • Glue it to the center of the shaker.

Step 6: Add Salt and Pepper

Now all that's left to do is add salt and pepper. Fill each side half filled with salt and pepper and enjoy the convenience of your own tiny salt and pepper shaker with your next meal.

Hope you enjoyed this project and found it useful.

Have a great day, stay safe :)

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