Introduction: Bottle Bot!

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This how to make a bottle bot! If you like what I make please Subscribe to me!!! I enter this in to the Dadcando Family Fun Contest! so please vote! for it!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Proper!

Put tape arcoss one spot of the Propeller,.Then put on the motor.

Step 2: Motor

solder the wires to the motor.

Step 3: Wires

OK now take you're other end of the wires and tape them to the battery leave one off then when you want to to go tape that wire to the battery.

Step 4: Tape Them to the Bottle

Ok now tape  stuff to the bottle.

Step 5: Fins

OK make fins out of paper and tape. tape stipes of paper together then tape them to the bottle on the side repeat the step.

Step 6: Test!

Test it out now! and you're done!!!!!!

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