Introduction: Bottle Rocket

Step 1: Getting Materials

-Get a 2 litter bottle 
-A tennis ball 
-6 inch twine
-Box cutter 
-Garbage bag

Step 2: Constructing Fins

.take  scissors and cut four triangles
. tape it to side of the rocket

. shortest end taped to side of bottle
. the fins are an important part of the project and if constructed correctly your rocket will soar through the air to optimal hieght.

Step 3: Nose Cone

.take two litter bottle
. rotate it around hotplate

. wait for it to cool
.cut in half and take bottom half

Step 4: Parachute

take garbage cut it into a rectangle 
take  four strings of twine taped to corners of parachute
After you tape the corners take the loose ends and tap of cut a slit in the tennis ball to connect the string to to create your parachute.

Step 5: Finish

-put the rocket together
-put parachute and ball under nosecone
-tape fins to rocket