Introduction: Bottled Nebula!

This bottled Nebula is the perfect addition to any room!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

~ A transparent jar or bottle with a good lid

~ Cotton balls

~ Glitter

~ Water

~ Food coloring or Fabric dye (usually pinks and blues and purples are the best, but you can choose any color that you like)

~ A pencil, straw, or other small stick

Step 2: Colour It!

First, take your jar and make sure it’s all cleaned out. Then add some water to fill the jar up less than half way. Next, add the food coloring color of your choice to the water and mix it together with a pencil or straw.

Step 3: Cotton It!

Now add enough cotton depending on the size and shape of your jar. Make sure to completely soak it in the dyed water and keep pressing down with your straw until the cotton is fully submerged. Then add some glitter to it and shake it so the glitter spreads. (the glitter part is optional)

Step 4: Layer It!

The next step is a little different. First you are going to put more cotton on top of the first level, to create a second layer. Then make a solution of water and another color of dye in a separate container and pour that solution over the second layer of cotton. Then add more glitter and spread it around with a straw.

Step 5: Finish It!

Keep repeating the last step until you have many layers of color and your jar is filled to the top. Secure your nebula bottle with a lid and place your nebula bottle in a fun space in your room.