Introduction: Bounce Back ! Virtual Reality Game Using Arduino & Acclerometer

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In this tutorial we will be creating a Virtual Reality game using Arduino and Acclerometer

Step 1: Introduction About the Project

There are tons of open source software's available these days which has brought loads of happiness for hobbyists like us, and Processing is one of them. With this JAVA based application we can build out own software (.exe format) and also an android application (.apk file). So we are going to use this software to build our game

The hardware part will consist an arduino which will fetch the input from an accelerometer to feed it serially to our computer / Laptop.

Step 2: Things Required

  1. Arduino (any version or model)
  2. Accelerometer [ADXL 345]
  3. Connecting wires

Step 3: 1.Install the Library

Download the Library of your acclerometer (as here we have used ADXL 345). LINK for ADXL 345 acclerometer Library:

Step 4: Connections


VCC --> 3.3V

CS --> 3.3V


SDA -->A4

SCL -->A5

Step 5: Upload Arduino Code

Download the Arduino Code & Upload it & do note the USB Port you are using as we will be used later step.

Link For Arduino Code:

Step 6: Install Processing IDE

Download & Install processing IDE from its official website.

Step 7: Editing the Codes

Download & Run The Game Code & make sure to edit the port you are using you can also check from arduino IDE. also you can edit the game as per your requirements and need.

Link for game code:

Step 8: Enjoy!!!

Run the game and Enjoy!! [ Bounce BACK ]

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Step 9: Video Tutorial

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