Introduction: BouncingballSwing

Did you ever wonder what to do with that old yoga-ball? Well i have a solution for you! Make a comfortable and fun to use swing out of it! and here is how in a few simple steps!

Step 1: Materials

you just need some basic pieces, rope and your ball.

Step 2: The First Knot

the first knot is very simple. a simple square knot is easy to perform.

make a loop with a piece of rope that just doesn't fit your ball's radius and tie it with a square knot.

you just have to perform this knot once

Step 3: The Second Knot

the second knot is not to hard but you might need a little practice to do it correctly.

you will have to perform this knot 6 times.

take a piece of rope that is about half of the ball's radius and make 2 knots at the ends. you will have to do this twice.

you also have to do this one at the end of the long rope you need to attach the swing to the tree. (x2)

Step 4: Hight Ajustment

to control your hight of the swing you wil need to fold you rope like this.

Step 5: Assembly

you put the 2 ropes with both knots at the end on the long one with the square knot like this.

shape them evenly out and place your ball in it.

after that you slip the long ropes through the loops on the same side.

then you go and find yourself a nice tree with a good view, throw the other end of the ropes over a branche and click them in place in the loops remaining and you are ready to swing!

Step 6: Enjoy!