Boundball: an Unknown Sport

Introduction: Boundball: an Unknown Sport

There comes a point where all sports in North America must mix. I have invented one that combines all! Boundball: It has the bouncy ball of basketball, the tackles and strategy of football (thats American Football to Europeans!) and the fouls of soccer. There is much to explain about Boundball! And I know I don't have pictures :P.

Step 1: The Key Points

Boundball consists of 10 people on two teams, 8 people on the field. There are two small walls at each end of the field. Each team faces the opposing team's wall. The main point is for Team A to bounce their ball off Team B's wall then back at their other wall. At the start of the game, the referee throws in the ball. Whichever team gets the ball gets offensive position. Whoever is chosen to be the "carrier" will take the ball to the wall with their partner, the "escort". The others will hold back the defense of the other team. Once at the wall, the carrier bounces the ball off the defensive teams wall to the escort. That counts as half a point. Then the escort runs alone to his own teams wall. Once he hits the ball against his wall, not bounce or throw, but touch his ball to the wall, the team gains another half point, making their score 1 point. For the other team to gain possession of the offensive position, they must tackle the carrier when he has the ball or the escort when he has the ball. The only time that the referee throws in the ball is when each quarter begins or when the ball is out of bounds.

Step 2: Cons (fouls)

Cons are my name for fouls, since, well, they're bad. 
Aggression: Player shows personally aggresive behavior or violence towards an opposing player. This results in a free bounce towards the aggressive player's wall from the 15 foot line away from the wall. The player who recieved the con must stand in front to block the wall.
Stealing: The player grabs the ball out of the carrier or escort's hand without tackling. This results in a switch of players on the conned  team and a restart in play.
Blocking: The other team may not block the escort or carrier from bouncing on the wall. This results in removing 2 of the conned team's members for the play.
Out of bounds: If the ball is thrown over the wall on the opposing side by accident, this results in a throw in.

Step 3: Terms of Boundball

Quarter Lengths: 20 minutes
Field size: 105 ft.
Con: Any illegal move in boundball
Carrier: The first person needed to score half a point.
Escort: The second person that finalizes a point.
Throw in: Whenever a ref throws a ball in between teams to start a play.
Tackle: When an opposing player tackles the escort or carrier to gain possession of offense.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    So what happens after a full point is made and when someone is tackled?