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Introduction: Bow Ankle Wrap

One of the trends for next season are shoes with a bow at the ankle, I must be honest and tell you that I’ve seen a red pair which have stolen my heart but that exceeded completely my budget, so I thought of doing something similar….

Step 1: What You Need

For this project you need: a piece of leather, scissors, needle, thread and glue. First of all start drawing on a sheet of paper the shape of the bow opened and then crop it. Using this template, cut out the leather, also cut a strip long as your ankle 5cm high, a strip 1 centimeter high and 4 strips 2 cm high.

Step 2: Create the Bow

Fold the ribbon and sew it so that it does not open, then use the thin strip to stop it. Take the big strip and sew a button, then make the loop to be able to put it on your ankle. Once prepared the bow you can glue it to the big strip, you can also glue the other two stripes to the bow as decoration. Your ankle wraps are ready!

Step 3: Amazing Result

The nice thing is that you can do as you like, to have the bow on the side, behind or in front of the door … I do with a pair of ballet shoes zara and they look great!

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