Introduction: Bow Case Arrow Clip

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I have a Plano Compound Bow case (part number 1010635). I needed a better way to hold arrows than the factory provided foam holder.

Step 1: Remove the Old Foam Holder

It came with a foam arrow holder that you glue to the lid (see photo). The arrows tended to fall out and rattled around. The razor arrow points can scratch up your bow, or worse nick your cable.

Step 2: Measure the Lid Inserts

The PLANO case has several extra mounting posts in the lid. See picture with dimensions (in mm) so you can check your case dimensions.

Step 3: Make the Parts and Install

The mounting posts are aligned at an angle so my challenge was 3D printing the bar and clips on a flat plane. Easiest solution is to make snap in pivots for the clip and bar. This way the clips can be positioned in any direction.

Print out two "bars" and 8 clips. The clips will need 3D printer support structure for the pin. Very little structure is needed and I was able to remove the support at the pin by hand.
My first try had the pins even with the print surface trying to eliminate the need for support but didn't like how it came out. I used #6 - 1 " flat countersunk screw. You'll need this since the clips will need to rotate over the mounting screws.

Next project with this is to make a mount for the arrow quiver and containers for the trigger, tips, etc.


Step 4: Attaching the Arrow Clips to Case....

I got a question as to how I connected the clips to the case. I took a few more pictures to show how I did this. My Plano case had some unused posts next to the foam. I made the "rail" for two purposes: 1) it allowed the clips to rotate so it was easier to remove the arrows and 2) I used those unused posts to screw the rail/chil assembly to the case.

I included a vendor pic of the Plano case. Below the foam arrow holders is a quiver holder. The quiver is held in place by some velcro straps that are held to the cover by screws to standoff grommets in the case lid. I used some of these attach points in the cover for my arrow holder. My quiver is attached to my bow so I did not use the quiver holder straps. Two pics show the attach points, one shows how the clips can rotate for easy arrow removal. I did add add a small box to the lid in the corner (making sure it won't hit the bow/quiver while stored for misc. hardware/points, etc.