Bow Made Out of a Sock!

Introduction: Bow Made Out of a Sock!

I was thinking of crafts to do, and I glanced at my jewelry (Which I don't have much of) and POP! making a bow popped into my head like any idea i have ever had in my life.I searched instructables, Wikihow, and Pinterest, but I did not find what was right for me. Then I remembered a no sew denim bow, Some unusual uses for socks, and turning a plain Barrette into a beautiful hairpiece (I only used the thought of using barrettes from this).(All of which I found on instructables) so I combined them and thought of this.I decided to make an instrucable on it, and here it is.

Step 1: Materials!

For this project you will need...

SHARP Scissors

1 Sock (Any Color)

1 Small piece of yarn (About 2 inches, Any color

1 Barrette (I recommend it being your hair color so it blends in)

And Finally, some time and effort!

Step 2: Cutting Some Fabric

For this you need to cut a small rectangle out of the sock.MAKE SURE you cut BOTH sides of the sock, and not just one, you'll see why later.

Step 3: Tieing a Knot

Now take the small piece of yarn and tie a TIGHT Double-Knot around the middle of the bow.Now cut of the ends of the string, but leave a centimeter of yarn near the middle so the knot does not unwind.

Step 4: Attaching the Barrette

Now attach a barrette that's your hair color (I'm attaching a brown one because I'm a Brunette) put the bottom of the Barrette on one side, and the top in the middle.

Step 5: Finished!

Now you have your own pretty bow and all it took was 4 materials, some time, and some effort!

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    Clever idea. I throw out socks all the time and this would make a fun little project for my kids.


    Reply 6 years ago