Bow Saw, Buck Saw, Stolarska Pila, Okvir Pile Za Drvo, Crosscut Saw, Pila Za Poprečni Rez




Introduction: Bow Saw, Buck Saw, Stolarska Pila, Okvir Pile Za Drvo, Crosscut Saw, Pila Za Poprečni Rez

As I like to make something, I decided to use a walnut plank as well as a bamboo stick, to make a so-called joiner saw, more as a joy than a necessity.

The following figures show the whole process of handmade. A picture speaks more than a thousand words ...

Step 1: Workmanship...

I split the bamboo rod into several strips and after grinding it to the desired profile, a cross section of approximately 15 x 4 mm, leaving the outer surface unbrushed, glued three bamboo strips longitudinally.

From the walnut lath I saw two lateral sides of the future saw, as well as the lateral lath, and from the flat laths I saw the curvature on one side and glued it on the opposite side.

Step 2: Workmanship...

I first made the mold to glue the bamboo strips to the sides of the walnut parts, but found that squeezing better without the mold, only with joinery clamps, would be easier to trace the imperfections of handmade glue parts.

I installed Morse signs on the crossbar - the names of my grandchildren - just to show the possibility of inlaid wood. The final grooves for the saw blade, the rope, the joint on the transverse and lateral parts of the frame, as well as determining the length of the transverse lath, and the addition of the handle to one side, are quite simple procedures.

Step 3: Finishing...

The finish was with parquet lacquer, very wear resistant. And I tried it out in the woods, and as expected it turned out very well, including good weight and balance when sawing. Of course, the saw blade must be selected for dry / hard wood, green / soft wood, and most importantly, the diameter of the wood. The rule is that the saw must touch at least three teeth with the surface of the wood at a time. This saw blade was for wood 12 cm (5 ") in diameter. Thin branches are not easy to saw with this balde - need more teeth on 1"...

So, nothing new on the globe. Sincerely yours, Krešimir

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    What a beautiful tool, and such a traditional design as well. Thank you for sharing your work :-)

    (Also, thank you for the remarks about "three teeth" in contact. That really clarified something which I was failing to articulate)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for carefully reading...:)