Introduction: Bow Stand With Quivers Remix

I saw Bow Stand With Quiver by spy1440 and decided to modify it to make a multi use stand to accommodate 2 bows and 2 quivers so my son and I could shoot together.
This is my first Instructable and is in the Remix contest.

Step 1: Tools


Tape measure

Rubber Mallet


PVC cement (not shown)

Paint (not shown)

Vertical Level (not shown)

Step 2: Materials

I used 2 (two) 10' pieces of 1" PVC cut as follows:

4' 10" (or however tall you want your stand to be)x 1
2' x 2
1' x 4
14" x 1
8 1/2" x 3
4" x 2
1 3/4" x 2

You will also need:

90 degree elbow x 4
3 way T x 6

Step 3: Putting Together

The outer base has the four elbows with the two 2' pieces, one on each side. The back is made up of two 1' pieces with a T in between. The front will use an 8 1/2" piece, T, 1 3/4" piece, T, 1 3/4" piece, T, 8 1/2" piece.
The middle of the base is the 14" piece and an 8 1/2" piece with a T in between. I put the longer piece up front to keep my recurve bow from hitting the quivers.
The riser fits into the middle sections T and is the long piece with a T and the two 4" pieces.
The remaining two 1' pieces go into the two outside T's that make up the front.

Step 4: Dry Fitting (and Learning From My Mistake)

You should dry fit the project to make sure everything is correct. I would highly recommend making alignment marks after you put it together and plumb the upright as a little twist while gluing will give you noticeable tilt. (As seen in the picture. I just barely bumped the middle T and had to cut it and use two couplers to straighten it out).

Step 5: Gluing

I only glued the middle section (to keep it from twisting with the weight of a bow on one side). The other parts are so hard to pull apart that I didn't use glue on them (I will glue them later if needed). I wanted the quivers to be unglued so I could change the angle if needed (to keep rain/snow out, etc.).
I sanded the bottom of the upright piece to make it a little easier to take off the base for transporting.

Step 6: Paint and Finishing Touches

I used close to an International Orange but some of the black lettering still shows through in spots. I think black paint would cover up a little better but I liked the orange.
I am also considering putting a little duct tape on the top cross pieces to keep the bows from rubbing the orange paint off and giving the bows better grip.

Step 7: Enjoy!

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