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Introduction: Bow With DIY Camo

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I was looking for my slingshot out in my garage and I found this flexible stick (don't know what kind of wood). So I decided to make a bow.
Flexible stick
Masonry Line
Duct tape
Spray Paint.
Hair Dryer
Hot Glue
If you have any ways you think I can improve my bow, leave it in the comments below, and check out some of my other Instructables.

Step 1: Stringing the Bow

You are going to want to cut slits in the stick to create a place for the string to go. If the is a fork in your stick you can use that as an anchor for your string.

Step 2: Grip and Arrow Rest

You are going to get some clay and create a grip and arrow rest. Make sure the clay is in the center of the bow. Then get an airsoft BB and create holes for a grip.

Step 3: Heating the Clay

I had Sculpey Oven Bake Clay so I used a hair dryer (cause I couldn't find my heat gun) to harden the clay. It takes about 5-10 minutes to heat it. Then let it sit overnight or you can keep using the hair dyer.

Step 4: Spray Paint Camo

Find leaves, grass, or weeds in your backyard and place them on the stick and use green and black to spray of to create leaf or grass outlines. Do this several times to make it look good. Keep some of the natural color of the stick.

Step 5: Fire!

Go outside and shoot the thing. Don't shoot anybody with this. I am not responsible for anything that you do with this.

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