Introduction: Bowie Dancing Robot

This instructable is based on is a clone of the spanish tv clan robot the original have more options and introduces youngs and olds to robotics and now you can make your own with this intractable with this robot you can learn basics of robotics

Step 1: Materials Don't Worrie If Haven't 3d Printer

list of materials

you can search to buy on your local store internet o if you want all are on my e-store

if you haven't the wish of buy a 3d printer you can buy the printed pieces from here

if you finally want to print at your own buy a 3d printer

but if you already have a 3d printer you can print your own downloading here

a screw driver

hot glue

4 servos sg 90

1x arduino nano

a servo shield for arduino nano

Step 2: Assembly of the Robot Body

When you have all the pieces you can start assembling the robot is to easy

1 fit the servos into the body and with a lighter hot the legs in the part where the servo attach one at time then push to fit into the head of the servo (don't hot to much) then screw the servo and then hot glue the servo to the body take in mind the hot glue and the pla have a similar fusion temperature but it works when finish with two legs is time to fit the feet is to easy first hot the hole for the servo on the feet fit the servo into the feet and when is cool extract the servo then put the servo into the leg now put the head of the servo into the feet and screw the feet then hot glue the servo to the leg

Step 3: Time for Electronics

now you need to solder the pins of the arduino to the arduino like the photo is easy with a solder iron and solder wire take cure with the pins because the large twice of 14 pin are faced down and the other six pin are faced up

then just put the arduino into the shield

and then put the right feet conector into the 5th of the shield

remember brown is "g " of ground red is "v" of voltage and orange is "s" of signal

the left leg into the 4th pin

the right servo of the body into the 3th pin of the shield

and finally

the left servo of the body is pinned to the 6th

Step 4: Time for Software

first if you buy my arduino you need toinstall the driver for mac users search the net to config properly the driver but if you have a original arduino 22€ skip this step

then you need to install arduino ide

then install the library there are two sources the easiest is download o the source code is easy open ide and in program on the top menu search add library then insert library zip then select the downloaded zip and accept.

now is time to upload the scketch download ino bowie-dance.inoachieve open select ok o copy the source code from here

then select the port of the arduino in arduino IDE and then the type of board arduino nano and then the processor of the arduino 328 and finally you can upload the INO to the arduino board

now drill a hole for the usb wire into the rear of robot head and connect the wire through the head to a usb charger and now play smooth criminal while the robot dances

good lucky. Came on and dance!