Introduction: Bowling Ball Nose-Basher

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It’s something we use at the bowling alley, but have you ever considered using a bowling ball for an experiment that will encourage you to trust science.

• 10 Pound Bowling Ball
• String

STEP 1:  Securely attach the string to the 10 pound bowling ball. 
STEP 2:  Securely attached the string, with the bowling ball, to the ceiling.
STEP 3:  Pull the 10 pound bowling ball to your nose.  Let go!  DO NOT push the 10 pound bowling ball, just let go.  DO NOT move forward, stand still.  If you push the10 pound bowling ball or move forward the 10 pound bowling ball could hit you in the face, causing injury.     

The swinging 10 pound bowling ball demonstrates the conservation of energy.  The total amount of energy the 10 pound bowling ball has, stays the same, until you do something to change this energy.  You can change the amount of energy by pushing the 10 pound bowling ball.  This would cause the 10 pound bowling ball to hit you in the face.  Potential energy or stored energy is at its greatest when you are holding the 10 pound bowling ball to your nose.  Once you let go, potential energy changes to kinetic energy, or energy in motion.  Go to for more experiments that might get you and your family “Hooked on Science.”

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