Introduction: Bowser's Koopa Clown Car Model With Sound Effects, Lights, & Propeller. Made From Old Cookie Jar.

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Tools needed:

Safety glasses

wire cutters


hot glue gun

soldering iron


Materials needed:

something shaped like the clown car (I'm using an old cookie jar with cork bottom)

bowser toy (I purchased this one & sawed him in half)


personal battery operated fan

voice recording device

led lights

3 on/off switches

acrylic paints

foam sheets

3 battery boxes

Step 1: Wire in All Components, Drill Holes, Glue in Battery Boxes.

Make sure you have all the needed colors and parts needed. Start test fitting battery boxes & things inside to get an idea of where they can be placed inside the model. Go ahead and mount the fan & drill the holes to run to one of the upper control panel switches. I glued the battery boxes up high out of the way of the wires because on mine the whole bottom propeller assembly is built inside the cork cookie jar lid which is now the bottom of the koopa clown car. You need to go ahead and wire in whatever led's you are going to place around the propellor. Be sure to have your wires long enough so as when changing batteries you will have slack enough to get them out of your way.

Step 2: Wire Switches & Voice Recorder Box in Drilling All Necessary Holes.

Drill holes in top to run to switches & wire in an led to show when the propeller is powered on. This is bowser's control panel & sits behind him. Wire in the voice recording box, microphone, speaker, and battery drilling small holes in back of clown car for the tiny microphone with recording switch under & drill several holes beside those (center back opposite of where the face will be) then glue speaker down inside over holes. Then on right side of speaker from microphone drill hole for the play button. Test all the electronic components. The cork bottom I placed foam around gluing it in place which served to not only look good but allow the bottom cork to fit in nice and tight.

Step 3: Paint Face & Make a Stand. Display & Enjoy.

Cut out paper template to help get the proper size of the mouth and center it up where you want it. Use a pencil to lightly draw around the mouth template. Paint the face once you get it penciled on to your liking. Now for the stand. I used a doll stand for my stand making a base out of a piece of flooring material. I then added the info sheet about the koopa clown car on a foam sheet which I glued to the doll stand.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your very own koopa clown car. Drive safely.

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