Introduction: Bowtie Spaghettii

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We are gonna make some delicious spaghettii with bowtie noodles! because, they were on sale :) haha. okay but for real first: Ingredients/supplies needed Bowl or pan for mixing sauce and meat Sauce pan Boiling pot Ground sage (not in picture ) Lemon juice(highly recommended!!!) Bowtie noodles Salt Pepper (optional) Ground beef (thawed) Prego roasted garlic and herb sauce Tomato (optional) Vegetable oil

Step 1: Ground Beef

First you need to thaw and cook the ground beef. This could take a whole depending on how frozen or not frozen it is. When cooking you add a dash of ground sage. Also add salt

Step 2: The Sauce

move the ground beef you just made to a bowl so you can mix everything together. Dice the tomato and salt and pepper it. Then mix it with the ground beef. Then add the prego sauce. (Using a whole jar along with cooking the whole ground beef package can make about 3-4 servings. ) mix all of this together. Heat it up on the stove at a medium to low temperature. This is where you add lemon juice!:) lemon juice is my secret ingredient to everything! It gives it some flavor! Drizzle it over the sauce but be careful not to add to much! It's okay if you have a good bit. I guess you can taste it in between to see if you want more.

Step 3: The Bowties!

If you don't know how to boil noodles, it's the simplest thing ever! Just get a pot and fill it up a little over halfway, add a dash of salt, turn on the stove and when bubbles start coming up, pour the noodles in. Simple! It can take from 10 minutes or longer. Depends on your temperature setting. You definitely should always Taste stuff when making it to make sure your cooking it long enough or just right!

Step 4: Make the Plates.

Make the plates man!