Introduction: Box / Finger Joint Jig

Here is a quick simple jig anybody can make. It works with a router and pattern bit.

Step 1: Watch Video

Watch this video and if you have questions continue on.

Step 2: Cut Your Pieces

I used 3/4 plywood to make my jig. First I cut my pieces in strips on the table saw approx 1" wide to be used with a 3/4 router pit. After I hade my strips cut i cut them to 6 inch lengths.

Step 3: Glue Your Pieces Together

Lay your strips out for gluing. You can use a spacer block to ensure all the pieces are spaced the same.

Step 4: Attach Your Fence

After the glue is dry clean up the surface of the jig to remove any dried glue. Line the back of your fence up with the back of the fingers and attach the fence with screws. After the fence is attached router out the space between the fingers.

Step 5: Cut Your Joints

Clam your newly created jig to your workbench. Now you need to mark the thickness of you work piece and set your bit depth. After your bit depth is set align your work piece with outside of the first tooth of the jig. And cut your pieces. When you cut the opposite side of your work piece make sure you flip end to end and don't spin your piece like a clock, Flip it like your pulling your tray table down on an airplane. After you have cut to pieces (4 ends) line up your other two pieces with the inside of the first tooth. After you cut your last pieces you can assemble your box with beautiful box joints.