Box-It Raspberry Pi 2 + 3 Case




Introduction: Box-It Raspberry Pi 2 + 3 Case

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The idea was to create a new housing. For other chassis, the lid did not hold fast or loosened quickly. Other cases had on the ground the vents. So the raspberry frequently crash caused of heating probs. After I use the housing without a lid, the Raspberry Pi works without problems for weeks.

So I wanted a housing that:

  • Did not fall apart
  • is cheap and saves material
  • Enough ventilation grilles
  • Easy to print
  • Easy to assemble and without gluing and without screws (except for the Raspberry itself)
  • Access to all interfaces without GPI

Step 1: Download and Print the Parts

Here is my solution:

RaspiPuzzleCase Attached you will find:

  • Bottom A
  • Top B
  • USB Front F
  • HDMI Front D
  • SD Slot E
  • Backside C

Pretty darn good … take care !

Once assembled, housing permanently holds tightly together. Trying to open the case may damage the parts. In some field of application, like media player, NAS or Desktop, this might be useful.

Very well then .. easy to open !

So in addition I have created an additional model. Part C-Backside-Open and Part E-SD-Slot-Open. To get the raspberry, simply lift carefully part E and then untight other parts. I also added alternatives lids:

  • Plan No cuts or grill, feel free to enhance
  • Grill Two grills
  • Whale Docker-Whale Logo
  • Raspi Rapberry Logo

Step 2: Assembling

Way to assemble:

Connect on Part A with D

Connect Part A+D with F

Connect Part A+F with C

Connect Part A+C with E

Connect Part D+F+C+E with B,


Enjoy your new housing for your projects. I enhanced the housing with LED Part and Power Connect for Docker Cluster :-)

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    Nice idea. If you make your own project enclosure, you can make it sturdy and just the right size. Every time I try to build something with a commercial enclosure it never fits right.