Box Project



Introduction: Box Project

In Engineering class we are making three boxes, one for something around the school, one for the engineering classroom, and one for me to take home.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials needed are:

1. Plywood

2. Wood Glue

3. Sandpaper

4. Wood Puddy

5. Spraypaint

6. Acrylic Paint

7. Tape

Step 2: Design

To design the three boxes I wanted I used Gravit and the link is you go in, add a new page, and start designing how wide, tall, and how long you want to make your box. I also used Adobe Illustrator to help download the file as a pdf and put it on my drive to be able to print it out in the laser cutter.

Step 3: Building

To build I just went to our schools' maker space to cut out my box and used wood glue to put it together then tapped all the sides to secure the sides, making sure they don't fall apart.

Step 4: Sanding

When sanding I used sandpaper with 80 grit to help get the wood putty off easily since I put a lot to help cover up the gaps I had on the sides of my box. I later used the 120 grit to help smooth out the edges and get little spots I might of not noticed while sanding the first time.

Step 5: Spray Painting

After sanding I did a coat of spray paint then about 10-20 minutes after I did another coat and let it dry overnight to take my box to school the next day. When I came to class the previous day I noticed there were small bubbles in some spots. I then got sandpaper with 220 grit (which if you didn't know, the bigger the number the finner the grit) and I went over the little bubbles lightly then I went back and spray painted another coat.

Step 6: Painting

After I did my last coat of spray paint I then tapped my box and made different shapes with it and painted the shapes. I first did a base coat of white and later painted it blue.

Step 7: Finished Box

After the paint dried I took off the tape and saw that the white paint had bled through the tape. I later went back in and touched up some of the really bad bled through parts with black paint and kept some of the blues. What I learned from this and how I would take it into consideration if I were to do a box again. Not to use paint if I want to have two different colors, to use spray paint because it won't have the same effects and look cleaner.

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