Introduction: Box for Terraforming Mars - Playerboards (with Acrylic Overlay&backboard

The boardgame Terrafroming Mars comes with paper playerboards. I use an acrylic overlay and backboard to protect these playerboards (which sits between the two acrylic pieces) and to add some functionality to these boards. You can find an example of these acrylic boards here:

Because I use an insert for my boardgame and there are a ton of expansions, the playerboards no longer fit inside the gamebox. So I wanted to create a mdf-box to hold the playerboard.


- 3 mm mdf

- wood glue

- packaging foam

Step 1: Step 1: Lasercut Files (3mm Mdf)

I created a box using the website after which I added some text and some art for the top and the bottom of the box.

I wanted the boxlid to slide on the bottom, so I added some rectangle pieces to be glued on the inside of the bottom, so the boxlid can slide over these parts.

The font used for the text on the box is Enter Sansman bold, which can be downloded here:

Before you start the lasercut: check if the finger-joints are 3mm and if necessary adjust the scale of the joints is 3mm (using: select all - transform - scale in Inkscape). (When I opened the file on the lasercutter, the filesize was 7% too big (could be bacause of the missing font?)

Step 2: Step 2: Glue Box

Use wood glue and start with the bottom part (which is the highest of the two box parts). When this is finished you use the rectangles for the innerside: glue the long slides first and after that glue the small rectangles. A little bit of force will be neede to push the smaller rectangles in place.

Glue the top part of the box together.

Use sandpaper to sand a little bit off the rectangle-sides that stick out of the bottom part, so the boxlid slides on the bottom part without too much friction.

Step 3: Step 3:

Last step: use some packaging foam to apply on the inner sides of both box parts. This will make sure that the playerboards fit nicely and don't get damaged by being shaken in this box.