Introduction: Box of Connectivity

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Sunday clean-up project. I am replacing some of the aging RJ45 jacks, then I see that my cables are messy. Searching around the house I find this two boxes of moon-cake, wide and thin, seem fit my whole cables and adapters.

Not a brainy project indeed, just showing how easy we can organize with some attractive unused boxes laying around us :)

Step 1: Labels

It is a good start labelling our cables because we are going to group all the cables into a bundle. Labels will make it easy for us to setup and maintenance.

Step 2: Cut Some Holes

Laying the cables in the box, now I need to cut some holes for the cables to go through (in and out). On the right side of the box, there is my wall plug, and also my internet-in cable and cable out to my warehouse. On the left side of the box is where the cables go into PoE adapters and power extension sockets.

Step 3: Box of Power

This is the most challenging part. Just like a puzzle game, I have to fit in the box two PoE adapters, a WiFi adapter, a 3-holes extension socket, and some cables.

I am just afraid of the rising heat, but somehow I will give it 48-hour test :)

Step 4: Box(es) of Connectivity

One hour setup, now I get a clean box(es) of connectivity. Tidy. Easy to clean. Have a good day. Thanks for reading :)