Introduction: Bracelet Flower Holder

First you roll out about a quarter pound piece of clay. Then you want to cut out a circle, smooth the edges, and round off the top.

Step 1:

Then you want to take the rest of the clay roll it out nice and smooth, cut out desired size of flower pedals and smooth them.

Step 2:

After that you want to shape the pedal and make it rounder at the top and longer.

Step 3:

After that you'll want to score and slip and add vinegar to the top/side of the circle part of the flower and the bottom of the flower pedals.

Step 4:

After you score and slip them and then vinegar it together you want to smooth out the bottoms with the circle part of the flower.

Step 5:

After all of that you will have your flower bracelet holder!

Step 6:

Step 7: