Introduction: Braclet Making

Have you ever wondered what the heck to buy the last person on your Christmas list? Well, if it is a girl (and hopefully it is) then you can make this bracelet. You don't need beads, all you need is... hey, if i tell you now, then that will be almost the whole instructable.

Step 1: Materials

Because you don't need beads (except for small beads), you are going to have to make them. You will need:

a small dowel of wood
Construction paper
glue-has to be liquid, not stick
A saw
a rubber band

For the bracelet you will need:

string (fishing line works) about 2 ft.
a clasp
Small beads to go in between your home made beads

P.S. I forgot a step, except the reorder steps wasn't working, so go to step 4 now, then do the steps in order, except skip 4...sorry!

Another idea: if you don't have big beads, then you probably won't have small beads either. So take some pieces of thin insulated wire - many different widths and colors available - cut them into pieces no longer than a few inches, strip 1/2 inch at one end, then use a pair of pliers to pull the remaining insulation off the wire. Now you have a bunch of thin plastic tubes of different colors. Cut these into small beads with scissors. now you have small beads!!

Step 2: Getting the Things for Making the Beads

Trace a long triangle if you want your beads like mine, but if you want your beads like the drawn picture then cut the triangle in half, sort of. After that, cut the shapes out.

Step 3: Making the Beads

Once you have your triangles (or the other shape), you need to roll it up to make the beads. Put your paper in the wood, and roll it, making it symmetrical. Once you get to the end of the paper, glue the end down. Then put some glue on your finger, or a larger brush, and spread it all over your bead, creating a glaze.

Step 4: Making Your Stand

In this step you will use your saw and wood dowel. You have to be careful, because your dowel is so small. What you are going to do is cut strait down the middle of the dowel, leaving some whole wood at the end, so you can put your paper in the wood, and roll it up.

Step 5: Getting Your Bead Off the Dowel

This is the tricky part. You have to get the bead off the wood. I wait for the glue to dry, then kind of push the bead off. Once you get the bead off, if you didn't wait long enough for the glue (which i never do) it will be lopsided. hold the bead by it's long sides, and pinch the middle of the bead, and you will find that you can move it around. Make it perfect, and put it somewhere safe to actually dry.

Step 6: Making the Bracelet

Once you have made all the beads that you want in your bracelet, you have to pick the little beads that you want in between your big beads. Once you do that, put your first bead on the line, but loop it back around the bead. Before you loop it back through the big bead, you have to attach the clasp. Now it gets to complicated to explain, so stop reading and look at the diagram. The green lines are the string, the green squares are the knots that you tie so the clasp stays in place, and the dotted black line is the bead.

Step 7: Making the Rest of the Bracelet

Once you get the first bead on, it is pretty easy. You have to put however many small beads you want in between you big beads on the string, then a big bead, then your small beads on again. You can make a pattern out of a couple different kinds of small beads like I did, or you can just have one kind. Once you have your beads on the string, you have to loop it around to get the effect. Look at the picture. if you can make any sense of it, then your a genius! I switched colors to try to make it easier to read, but it doesn't really help. It is the first bead with the ring, then it does the same loop thing, except the string doesn't just hang there, it goes in side the other bead.

Step 8: Ran Out of String!

Oh no! You are almost done, but you ran out of string! There is a simple solution. Look at the picture.