Introduction: Braid Wrapped Pony Tail

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hi so I'm gonna make this Braid Wrapped pony tail it will work best on Long a medium hair

Step 1: What Do We Need

We need small rubber bands,Decorating band,Long hair

Step 2: Making the Braid

So on the left side make a braid like in this pic if you don't know how check some instructables

Step 3: Making the Pony Tail

So then on the right side make a pony tail with a small band not a big one that will not look nice

Step 4: Wrapping It

So carefully wrap the braid on the pony tail,I'm sorry I didn't catch a pic but wrap it the put your decoration thing to tie it up

Step 5: Final Result

You hair will look like this and maybe more better in different hair color so please send me a pic I would love to see it

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