Introduction: Braided Skeleton Knife Handle

Let's use a training Karambit knife.
It is made of 5 mm thick PVC.
This braid can be done in any type of knife flat handle.
No need for drilling or special shape to hold the cords

Step 1: Materials Needed

Paracord 550
Adhesive tape
Curve Hemostat (can be a needle-nose pliers or a strong clamp)
Round tip spatula (or any tool that can drive the string without spoiling the paracord)
Knife or other tool that will receive the braided

For sharp knives, I recommend protecting the edge with tape to avoid the accidental injury.

Step 2: The Braided

Mark the middle of the rope and tape it between the "handle of the knife"and the "blade of the knife. "
Spending half cord over and half cord underneath, holding both with tapes.
That way the cords do not escape from their positions.

Make a simple knot and pass the upper cord to the other side
The cables fixed by tapes and stay longitudinal of the handle will be the base of the braid.
Will be called the "Longitudinal cords".

Step 3: The Braided

The other side this half cable passed over the longitudinal wires, than on this side it will go underneath the longitudinal cords.

The cable that came through from below, passed under the cord on the other side and that side will go over the longitudinal and cables under the cable that came over the top.

Repeat on the other side always followed that concept: It's been over a cord, the next pass underneath another cord.

Step 4: The Braided

Continue braiding without pulling the cords very strong because we will adjust them yet.
Do a minimum adjust and continue braiding.

Step 5: The Braided

When you reach the end of the space that you want to braid, it's time to start adjusting.
Start with a cable (anyone) and pull the loop for adjusting until the end of free tip.

If the cable remains after adjustment allow more braid, you can continue a little longer.

Adjust another cable now.

Adjust the longitudinal cables now.

Adjust now the braided more firmly. It will be the last time.
When space is pretty full of braid, we're finish this step.

Step 6: The Finish

I measure two-thirds of the braided length and cut the remaining cables.

Burn the tips with lighter
I do a simple knot with the cables and introduce the two free tips with the forceps help into the braid.
Between the braid and the knife handle.

Pulling the cables and hold.

Step 7: The Work


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