Introduction: Braille Keyboard With Voice Output

In this world, there are around 286 Million Visually impaired people, out of which around 39 million people are Blind. These people have very rare access to technology. Due to this reason, they have been left behind in the field of education. This is also the reason for their poor employability. Keeping this in mind I have designed a keyboard, using which the blind will be able to type data on to their laptops and desktop using the braille language and at the same time will be able to hear what they type. With the help of open source software "Cool Term", the typed text can also be converted into a Word document or a Text document.

So, in this instructable, I will be teaching you all to make such a Keyboard.

Step 1: Requirements

Components Required

Arduino Uno (1)

SD Card Module (1)

SD Card (1)

Push Buttons (6)

Slide Switch(1)

PCB or Bread Board (1)

Male to Female Audio Jack 3.5mm (1)

Jumper Wires (Few)

USB 2.0 Cable Type A/B (1)

9V battery with clip (1)

1K Resistors (7)

On/Off Switch (1)

5V Regulator (1)

Materials Required

A Hard-Cardboard box (1)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Connect all the components as per the circuit diagram. You can use a Breadboard or either solder everything on a PCB.

Step 3: Preparing the SD Card

Firstly, format the SD Card. In the formatting options, choose "FAT32 (Default)" under "File System". You can refer the images for clarification.

Then copy the audio files from Drive Link given-.Link for Audio Files (Don't forget to unzip them)

It consists of the audio files of number, alphabets and punctuation marks. Then insert the SD card into the SD Card module in the circuit.

Step 4: Connecting and Assembling the Whole Circuit

Assemble the whole circuit inside a stiff box as shown in the figure.

Step 5: Dumping the Code

Copy the code from the link below and dump it on your Arduino Uno board using Arduino IDE.

The Link for the Code .

Step 6: Configuring the Software "Cool Term"

Ones you have completed the above steps, you can type using your Braille Keyboard on the Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE.

If you want to covert the typed data into word document or text document, you will have to download an open source software "Cool Term".

Download Link for the Software - Link for the Software

The stepwise pictures for configuring the software have been uploaded.

Step 7: Testing the Braille Keyboard!

Connect your Braille Keyboard and start typing!

Check the out Video for the Demonstration of Working.

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