Introduction: Brain Game Simulator Using NeuroSky Mindwave Headset

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The objective of this project is to simulate game controls using brain signals so, that physically handicapped person(no hands) can play games using their mind. The idea is to simulate virtual keys of keyboard using DirectX programming defined in ctypes.h module for each keypress in realtime to avoid any conflict between multiple keypress. Further, this project can be implemented to enhance gaming experience in A.I by integrating with gaming suits & environments where people can play games with a great experience. My dream is simple & clear to build applications in Neuroscience/Cognitive-science field which can help people with disabilities. Also, my initial idea was to build more Brain controlled applications like Smart Wheel Chair, Robots, Brain Keyboard & I completed Brain Game Simulator, Robot & Keyboard UI & logics. For, a long term plan I would like to improve its features by developing proper suit & add more gaming models like guns that can trigger with gaming controls. I already worked on triggers of guns using normal switch with pull-down registers to raspberry pi & further, the data is sent to python server on windows machine using socket connection & its working fine. Demo for same kind of project "KickOwheelz" is here: In future, I would like to implement IoT & AI together with Machine Learning algorithms for interpreting meaningful data from brain signals, that can be utilised in Gaming A.I experiences.

*Brain Signals Readings provided here:

*Project Report:

Step 1: Practice NeuroSky Mindwave

Buy NeuroSky Mindwave Headset: AMAZON

For best results install NeroSky Mindwave Apps & train your brain: We are trying to automate the windows games first racing games controls using attention & meditation level values that we have captured from the frontal lobe of brain using NeuroSky Mindwave Headset.


Step 2: Playing Games Using Brain Waves & Running Codes


Run this code in background, once Headset led turns green you will start seeing attention, meditation & eye blink values.

Don't shake headset as raw values flickers with small change on contact from frontal lobe/forehead.

  • EDITS in the code:, Enter COM PORT number, find from device manager.
  • headset = mindwave.Headset('YOUR_COM_PORT', 'CC0E')
  • Calibration: Edit your threshold value with your attention/meditation values.

For issues read this:

Step 3: Research & Reads

As the coming step of technological advancement, many research workers and
scientists are trying to bring out wide variety of BCI applications useful for the society. Coming years, we can make BCI restore and augment human functions thereby improving quality of living. Some applications like flying an aeroplane just by thinking, a blind driving a vehicle etc. will be coming to a reality. In the medical sector, research workers are trying to bring out miniaturized equipments and introduction of wireless BCI.

Project Report:

Credits: Utkal Sharma

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