Introduction: Brainwave and Biofeedback Headband

This is another Mind Flex hack, like mbmosher's Mindflex-Duel-Bluetooth-Arduino-FIO-Hack, but includes a few additional features. The system is built off a Bluetooth Bee-Standalone Arduino mini, includes a pre amped PulseSensor, compass and accelerometer unit, and outputs for a visual brainwave machine.

Brainwave entrainment is an unproven method of altering ones state of mind with audio and/or visual stimulus. The actual effects generally include a somewhat psychedelic visual experience and varying levels of altered states of mind. The basic method of the visual stimulus is bright LEDs flashing just in front of one’s closed eyes. Entrainment frequencies  are low like brainwaves themselves; ranging from below 1 to about 20 Hz. Past 20 Hz the eyes have difficulty experiencing the flashes.

Through a Bluetooth link to a PC, the goal of this system is to produce a brainwave entrainment that uses the low level EEG from the Mind Flex with additional feedback to refine both visual and audio inputs to the user. Currently the hardware and software for the head gear is complete, while the software on the PC side is still being developed.