Introduction: Brake LED for Bicycle

It is great to have a brake LED instead of using a reflecting one for your bicycle.The reflecting one works only at night and it cannot glow when you are using your brake, so its good to fix led in it.This instructable shows how  to fix led in the rear reflector.It is easy and it takes only ten steps to complete.The only thing is you have spend some time to save your life.
   LED bulbs(min-2)
   2 Batteries(4v)
   Thin strip of conductor
   Connecting wires
   Solder iron
   Wire striper
   Glue gun
   Insulation tape

Step 1: Drilling Holes for Led

Mark according to the size of led and number of bulbs and start to drill on the back of the relector. Make sure that the edge of the led suits correctly into the hole.I have used 6 led to get bright light.

Step 2: Remove Reflecting Paper

A silver colour reflecting paper and a thin sheet of paper is placed inside the reflector.You have to remove it because it will not allow the light from led to glow on the front side of the reflector.The paper can be removed by pouring water inside the drilled holes.I used the hair pins to remove the reflecting paper.

Step 3: Connecting Wires to the Led

Cut the long electrode from the led to avoid shorting between the leds.Solder the insulated wires to the leds using solder.Use parallel connection between the bulbs for effective glow.Check it with the battery you are going to use.I have soldered three bulbs for the front brake and three bulbs for the rear brake.

Step 4: Installing the LED

Use the glue gun and drop the glue on the edge of the drilled holes.Place the soldered leds carefully into the drilled holes before the glue dries.Be careful that you are not damaging the wires because it is a hard work to solder the wire after completing the project.

Step 5: Wiring Guard

Eventhough we are carefull in not damaging the wire it will be good to insert a wiring guard.Remove the not and the washer.Take a thick sheet of paper and cut it to the shape that fits to the back of the reflector.Make a small hole to the size of the screw in the reflector and place the paper.Now the wiring is safe from damage.

Step 6: Fixing the Brake Led

 Remove any reflector if it is placed.If you dont have reflector drill a hole at the back of your bicycle. Now take the modified reflector and fix it to the back of your bicycle in the place where the reflector is placed or to the hole you have drilled.Now put the washer and the nut and tight it.

Step 7: Braking Pads

Take four very thin strip of metal conductor and solder it to the connecting wires of length about half of your bicycle.Now take two soldered strips and fix it to the front brake handle and make sure that the strips touch each other when the break is not applied and they dont touch when you apply the brake.I used a strip of metal from medicinal tube since it is very thin for this purpose.

Step 8: Installing the Battery

Now take the two batteries of four volt each and fix it at the the centre(or find a right place that will be good for you) of your bicycle using the insulation tape.Connect  resistor to the  batteries to prevent the leds from destruction due to high power.Take the wires connected to the metal strips and connect to the battery(Two wires from the front brake to a battery and two wires from the rear brake to the another battery).Now the circuit is shorted.Now take the wires from the brake led(modified reflector) and connect it to the battery(two wires meant for the front brake to a battery and two wires meant for rear brake to another battery).Though  the circuit is switched the brake led does not glow due to the shorting in the breaking pads,when you apply the brakes it starts to glow because the shorting in the circuit is removed.Dont forget to insulate the wires at the place where you have joined because it may cause further shorting in the circuit.

Step 9: Power Management

It is important to manage the power we have made the circuit based on shorting.Shorting causes much power can be avoided by connecting a switch to the battery.You can power off the switch when your bicycle is not in use.

Step 10: Done

That's all you have done a project which will save your life.It works great in night because in the night time the bicycles are not known to the heavy vehicle drivers.Now we are safe after installing the brake led because everyone will notice when there is something in you and your bicycle.

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