Introduction: Brake Rotor Clock

I will show you how to make a clock from an old brake rotor.

Step 1: First Get Materials

You will need a brake rotor (one with 4 lug holes would be easier to read but you can number them however you want) a clock kit (you can get these online or at craft stores for fairly cheap) and a metal plate of some kind for the middle. I used a gear that I found but pretty much anything will work.

Step 2: Clean the Rotor

Use brake clean spray to clean off the grease and gunk from the brake rotor so it doesn’t get all over later. Just spray it and scrub it with a plastic or wire brush. A firm wire brush may scratch and scuff the rotor but it’s not that big of a deal. Then let it dry.

Step 3: Install the Clock Mechanism

Drill a hole through the metal plate so the clock shaft can go through it. Put the clock on it and put on the nut. Then put the hands on.

Step 4: Hang and Enjoy

You can put numbers on it or leave it how it is. A larger nail in a stud will hold this up good. Just don’t put it above something fragile or special just in case it falls.

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