Introduction: Branchlamp

While in lockdown and nowhere to go, I built this lamp for my home office, which didn't have a lamp and I always had to use a portable one.

The idea was to combine natural wood which I got from the park nearby my house and my own 3d designed and printed base.


- Branch in the form of "Y"

- Wood drill bits 8 and 12 (and a drill of course)

- Utility knife

- 3d printer

- 50 cm wire

- Lamp holder

Step 1: Find a Branch

To be able to pass a wire through the branch I found a branch which was 50 mm thick. This way I could drill a 12mm hole in it with some proper distance to it's outer wall.

Step 2: Drill

I tried to drill the hole in the middle of the branch and tried to keep the drill centred. I drilled from both sides and fortunately both holes met at the junction.

Step 3: Design and Print

After this I designed the base using Fusion 360 which was a bit of a "trial and error" process, for a noob like me.

Step 4: Fit the Branch

I did some "cutting" of the branch outer part to fit it into the base. I used a utility knife to do this part.

Step 5: Wiring

At last I passed the wire through both base and the branch and connected the lamp holder.