Introduction: Brandy & Cognac Warmer From Household Items

I have been looking around for brandy & cognac warmers, but they are insanely expensive ! I, therefore, wanted to explored the possibility of warming my drink in a easy and cost effective manner. In facet, this contraption costed me ZERO money ! All the requirements have been pulled from the tool box & around the house.

It's super easy and fun to make...

Step 1: Collecting All the Necessary Tools

We would need the following items to make our Brandy & Cognac warmer:

1. A piece of wood (minimum 3 inch x 3 inch, can be any size bigger than this)

2. Darts - 3 Nos. (pick them from an old / never used dart board game)

3. Glass (to warm the drink of your choice)

4. Tea light (to provide the required heat)

5. Brandy / Cognac (pick your own brand; i love morpheus brandy)

Step 2: Draw a Triangle on the Piece of Wood

Using a ruler, draw an equilateral triangle on the piece of wood selected.

This triangle should be big/small enough to snuggly fit the tealight inside it. A good way is to draw out the tealight on the piece and then draw a triangle around it.

Step 3: Insert 3 Darts on 3 Corners of the Triangle

With a firm grip insert the darts in wood below, carefully placing them on the 3 corners of the triangle as shown. You can keep them a bit slanted outwards to give a better fit for the glass.

Step 4: Double Check If the Tealight Can Be Placed Between the Darts With Ease

The tealight should fit neither too loose or nor too tight between these 3 darts. Of course, the final say will depend on the size of base of glass.

Step 5: Place the Glass Between 3 Darts

Place the glass between the 3 darts placed. Make sure that the darts are firm enough to hold weight of the glass + drink.

Step 6: Add the Drink to Glass

Once that you have ensured that the darts can take the weight of glass - slowly add the drink to this glass. Fill till the desired level.

Step 7: Light Up the Tealight

With the drink and glass in place; it's time to light up the tealight and wait for fumes to appear in your drink. It's a sign that the heat from tea light is reaching the drink.

Heat till the desired temperature and enjoy your drink!