Introduction: Bread Board Sound Circuit

This circuit is controlled by three variable resistors

Step 1: 401 Chip

First you want to put the 401 chip onto your bread board, i suggest that you put it in the middle of the board to make it easier to add items around it and looks nicer

Step 2: Power and Ground

Secondly, you want to connect the 401 chip to the ground and the power of the bread board.

Step 3: Variable Resistor

Next you want to connect three variable resistors to the ports on the 401 chip.

Step 4: Capacitor 104

Next you want to connect the three capacitors' to the even pins (2,4,6) and the other end is connected to the ground.

Step 5: Resistors

Next you want to connect resistors to the odd pins( 1,3,5). the resistor should be brown, black, yellow, the other end of the resistors should be connected on the other side of the chip.

Step 6: Capacitor 10UF

Next you add a 10UF capacitor that is connected to the resistor by a wire.

Step 7: Resistor

Next you want to add a Red black brown resistor which connects to the other side of the capacitor.

Step 8: Transistor and Resistor

Next you have to add a transistor which connects the to the 10UF capacitor by the resistor. Then you connect a wire to the transistor and a Brown, Black, Red resistor. Both are going to ground.

Step 9: Speaker

Then you have to connect the speaker to the power and to the Brown, Black, Red resistor.

Step 10: Battery and Power

Lastly, you connect the battery to the ground and power. Once it is plugged in, it will make a sound, that sound can be changed by the variable resistor.