Bread Dahi Vada Recipe

Introduction: Bread Dahi Vada Recipe

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An innovative, quick and yummy version of the original dal vadas. Absolutely no soaking of lentil is required, no grinding at all. Simple way to a delicious treat.

Bread slices- 4 pcs Chopped dry fruits/ nuts- ½ cup Curd – 2 cups Castor Sugar – 1 tsp Tamarind Chutney – 2 tbsp Coriander chutney – 2 tbsp Pomegranate Seeds – ½ cup Salt, Roasted cumin seeds powder, Red Chilli Powder- As per taste

Step 1: Method

1. Take bread slices and remove the sides. Soak the slices in water slightly and press gently. Stuff chopped nuts in bread in centre and roll the bread to give the shape of vada.2. Place all bread vada in a serving dish. Top with sweetened curd, chutney, spices. Garnish with pomegranate seeds.

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