Introduction: Bread Pizza -- Quick Delight

Bread Pizza has always been a childhood delight, or teenage delight.Crispy toasted bread and a spread of all veggies, cheese and tomato sauce. This is a quick snack for kids when they wish to eat pizza and cant wait for long :) This microwave bread pizza would take not even ten minutes when you have the cheese grated and sauce ready on hand.. Yummmm.....

Step 1:


Bread slices- 5 to 6
2 tsp melted unsalted butter
onions -1 (finely chopped)
Tomato - 1 (finely chopped)
Capsicum - 1(finely chopped)
Grated cheese
Tomato ketchup / pizza sauce / marinara sauce
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to sprinkle.

Step 2:


Mix all the vegetables together with a pinch of salt.
Fresh bread slices can be used Or you can toast it with butter.
Heat a pan with little butter. Toast the slices on one side till its crispy.
Remove and spread a tsp of tomato ketchup on it.
Add over the bread, 2tbsp of mixed vegetables.. sprinkle the generous helping of grated cheese on it.
Transfer everything to a microwave plate n cook for 3 minutes in high temperature..till all the cheese gets melted.
Remove the slices from the micro oven and sprinkle wee bit of pepper powder.
Top it with some tomato ketchup. You could even make a nice smilie face on it to make it more attractive to your little ones.
Serve with any fresh juice for a perfect and healthy breakfast.
I am sure Kids will definitely love it...Yummmm....