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Bread is something incredible to make at home.
It sounds simple but it is often difficult for a beginner to make a perfect bread.

This is why I have prepared a recipe for you to make an amazing bread with no chance of failure.
This Instructable is full of tips. The main one consists in avoiding the delicate process of kneading by letting the yeast works for you.

You will also find a video at the end of the page that will summarize every steps.

Let's go.


  • Flour 400g / 3 cups
  • Salt 5g / 1 tbsp
  • Sugar 5g / 1 tbsp
  • Yeast 5g / 1 tbsp
  • Warm water (40°C / 100° F) 300 mL / 1cup 1/4
  • Butter

Optional : Pumkin seeds, Sesame seeds, quinoa seeds

Step 1: Activate Yeast and Mix Ingredients

First of all, mix the flour, the salt and sugar in a salad bowl.

Then in a glass, mix the yeast and warm water.

Water temperature must not exceed 52°C /125° F. Above, it would cause cell destruction of the yeast.

40°C /104°F is a good deal.

When correctly mixed (no more solid yeast) wait for 10 minutes. It is the optimal time for the yeast to wake-up.

Finally, add the yeast in the salad bowl.

Step 2: Wait 2 Hours

Time to mix with a spoon. If it is too hard to mix, just hold the spoon upside down and use the spoon handle.

Then wait for 2 hours.

During this time, the yeast will interact with the sugar and gluten from the flour to create oxygen.

This will make the dough triple in volume.

Step 3: Form the Dough

Cut small portions of the dough and make small balls.

You can make from 6 to 8 small breads.

If it is too sticky, just add some floor on your hands and table.

One other difficulty while making bread it to cook them. By making small round bread, it will be very easy to cook them perfectly.

Step 4: Add Some Seeds (optional)

I love bread with seeds. If you also like it, you can add some at this step.

Some examples are : Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds or Quinoa seeds.

Step 5: The Butter Touch

This is one of my favorite trick.

Just by adding some butter on the top of your bread, you will have a beautiful color after baking.

Step 6: 17 Min in Oven

Time to set your oven to 240°C / 464°F and cook your bread for 17 min.

If you like more crispy, you can let it in for up to 20 min.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Bread

Your bread is ready, you can eat it hot or let it cool down.

Tell me how you enjoy your bread.
Let me know if you have any question.

Step 8: Video Tutorial

This video summarize all steps, I hope you like it.

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