Introduction: Bread

home made pressure pan bread
no egg no soda no preservative

Step 1: Pressure Pan Set Up & Bread Pan Measurements

i used a pressure pan as it had sufficient space for bread & heat retention in a small space was effective. I also attempted in a bit bigger cooker but it took almost triple the time to bake. but a pressure pan & compatible smaller bread pan made the baking better.

Step 2: Yeast Prooving

Step 3: Mixing the Dough for 1st Rise

Step 4: Preparation for Second Rise & Placing Into the Pre Heated Pressure Pan

the yeast i used was powdery.
patiently wait for atleast an hour for the second rise

Step 5: Final Product (or Is It?)

my very first attempt. (yes we learn from experience, as i was not knowing about the time to give for baking this was the condition of my first bread)

Step 6: My Progression

the bread baking improved as i tried it and started baking better if not best bread.

Step 7: Variation-stuffed Bread?

stuff in just any (not too wet cooked stuffing) food & experiment.

Step 8: Just Out From the Pan

now it takes me just 10 mins to bake (after 2nd rise) as i have tweaked the gas burner nozzle to burn with a larger flame.

Step 9: Eating the Bread

Thanks to all the honest hardworking persons who had posted bread baking without oven, from which I had also learned to bake.