Introduction: BreadBooster: Breadboard Power Supply Reinvented

Hi, my name is Kris and this is my first instructable. I’ve
designed nice little thing called BreadBooster™. BreadBooster™ is dual output breadboard power supply with built in LCD display voltmeter and short-circuit management system. As a part of my current Indiegogo campaign this instructable will show how to assemble the BreadBooster™.

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Step 1: BreadBooster Parts

Memorize the names of the parts because they will be used throughout the instructable.

Tools required for the assembly:

-soldering iron

-soldering wire (not to thick)

-flux pen or paste (optional)

-nail clippers

Step 2: Soldering in the Dual Pin Headers

Place the dual pin header connectors in the breadboard.

Be sure that they are fully inserted in.

Insert the main board on top of dual headers as shown in the picture. Check to see that every pin came through the board. Now place one receptacle beneath the main board. Receptacle will slightly lift the main board and align it with the breadboard. We can now solder in the dual pin headers.

Step 3: Main Board: Bottom Side Soldering

Insert tactile switch in the board.

Now we will insert both trim pots in the board. Bend both top and a bottom leads but in opposite direction. This will lock the potentiometers in the board so that they can’t fall from it when we flip the board to solder them in.

Split 1x18 pin header to 3 equal pieces (3 pieces as 1x6 pin header). We will use just two of them. The third one will not be required.

We will now make a simple fixture to hold the main board while we are soldering on the bottom side of board.

Insert both of 1x6 pin headers (previously made) in the breadboard. Attach both receptacles as shown in the picture. Flip the main board and insert it on the fixture. Check to see that every pin of both receptacles came through the board. Solder in the trim pots, tactile switch and receptacles.

Assembly of the main board is now finished.

Step 4: Display Board Soldering

Remove the main board from the breadboard. Two 1x6 pin headers probably left in breadboard. We will now solder them in the Display board together with the LCD display.

Insert the Display board on top of the 1x6 pin headers. Insert the LCD display in the board. Be carefully to follow the orientation marks of LCD display and LCD symbol on the board (double check that you inserted the LCD display correctly before you solder it in).

You can now solder in the pin headers and LCD display. The easiest way to solder the LCD display is to solder it from the top side of the PCB. Be sure not to hold the soldering iron too long on each pad because the LCD display is sensitive to heat.

BreadBooster™ assembly is now finished. Attach the Display PCB on the main PCB and BreadBooster™ is ready for use.