Introduction: Breadboard Lie Detector

this fun easy project can be made using a breadboard and very little tools.


based on this project, but this project was made on a stripboard

Step 1: Parts, Components and Tools!


1. Red and green 5mm LEDs (Red x1) (green x1)

2. 1 Breadboard, preferably a big one like the one i have x1

3. 10K Resistor x1

4. 47K Resistor x1

5. 470R Resistor x1

6. 1M Resistors x2

7. 3 pin potentiometer x1

8. Knob for potentiometer x1

9. 2N3904 transistors x3

10. 0.1uf mylar capacitor x1

11. 330uf 50v capacitor

12. 10M Bell wire/Stranded wire, Bell wire is Better x1

13. Aluminium foil

14. Tape

15. 9 volt battery clip

16. 9 volt battery


1. Wire cutters/scissors x1

2. Wire strippers x1 (Optional)

Step 2: The Schematic

So If you know how to read schematics, Well Done! you can easy make this without scrolling down even more. So bye i guess? But the people who don't know how to read circuit diagrams please email me at Thank you

Step 3: Bread Board Layout

the Image shows you the layout of a SMALL Bread board, Unlike the one i used to build the lie detector. I used a RH-32 Breadboard

Step 4: Simple Schematic!

this is a simpler version than the other schematic