Break Action Knex Pistol

Introduction: Break Action Knex Pistol

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This is my first instructable, so if i didn't explain it well, sry,
this pistol is the same as bballkidx's pistol but he allowed me to post an instructable on how to make it into a break action pistol with a hammer. 99.9% goes to him for creating the gun, 0.1% goes to me for posting this mod.

p.s. sorry about how fuzzy the pics are, mi camera is crap.

Step 1: Parts List

You will need these parts!

1 blue/black hinge connector
1 orange connector
2 yellow connectors
6 blue rods
2 yellow rods
3 blue spacers
2 modded (or in my case broken) grey connector/ball joint connector.

Step 2: Build His Gun First!

go here: build his gun then we shall begin! yay :P

Step 3: Modding Time! Yay

picture instructions yay! and yes you do need these parts.
1. mini me and dr evil. hmm.. yes... quite spiffingly actually!
2. this is the finished barrel.
3. the part that attaches to the handle and hammer thing.
4. top view of number 3.
5. the barrel just try your best to create it from the picture.
6. proof that it does break action.

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    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    13 years ago on Introduction

    I guess this is an improvement but the fact is the original gun didn't shoot that good for me.  Only 5 feet.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    I got a good 15-20 feet with a trigger and hammer mod. I built that so long ago, so pics unavailable.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the comments but DJ Radio have you ever tried strenthening your rubber bands? or making the barrel longer? something like that.