Introduction: Breakfast Sandwiches

These are delicious, greasy little things to start your day off right :)


To make these guys you’re going to need and oven and stove, as well as

- Skillet
- 2 9”X13” pans
- Tin foil
- Spatula, or flipper of choice
- Paper Towel
- Optional single chop stick

And for food
- Hashbrown patties (One could use homemade latkes), two per sandwich
- Eggs, one per sandwich
- Bacon (Or bacon substitute)
- Cheese (Best to use a younger cheese, such as a Cheddar, Mozzarella, or Jack. Older cheese such as Parmesean do not melt well for this application)


Seems simple, but one can get carried away.....

Step 2: Prep Your Ingredients!

We have 4 ingredients that need preparation before assembly, these being to

1. Bake the patties
2. Bake the bacon
3. Fry the eggs
4. Shred the cheese

Step 3: Prep Part 1: the Patties

Arrange your hashbrowns on your tinfoil lined sheet (Because washing dishes is for suckers). Ensure they are all gapped apart from each other, and the walls of the pan if you can. This helps ensure crispness.

Pop ‘em into your preheated oven (YES, you should wait until it’s preheated. Just have patience....), and set the timer for half the total baking time. We want these to be as crisp as possible without being burnt, so use the maximum recommended time. I.E., these are recommended to bake for 15 to 20 minutes, so I will bake them for 20, flipping them 10 minutes through.

Then, on to....

Step 4: THE BACON!!!!

I understand pork can take the heat a little better, but I’m using turkey bacon, which can take about 10 minutes in the oven. I stuck these in right before I flipped the hashbrown patties. If you’re using good thick cut bacon, you might want to stick these in earlier.

Also, due to the thickness, I’m using two rashers per sandwich. However, if you can get your hands on good back bacon, you may only want one slice per. It’s up to you. I’m not your mother.

Anyways, on to the only part of this that takes any work at all...

Step 5: EGGS!

Eggs are an incredibly easy, and yet finessingly absurd food. What we’re doing today is pretty basic. All we’re doing is scrambling solo eggs, so that we can essentially make an ‘egg patty’ to stick in the sandwich.

Get your pan hot. NOT TOO HOT. My stove cooks eggs well around 4. You should know how hot to adjust yours to cook scrambled eggs. If not, spend more time in your kitchen.

Preheat, and lube up your pan. I’m using a teflon coated pan, and I’m still using oil. Use butter, lard, heck, you could have pan fried that bacon, and used that fat. But when you put the bacon in the oven, then you win.

Crack one egg into your pan near the edge. You can use any utensil to stir that bad boy up, but I prefer using a solo chopstick. Try to keep it the size and shape of your hashbrown patty. Once you have one starting to set up, give your pan a turn, and do another.

When your eggs look ready for a flip, give ‘em a flip. Or not. I won’t hate you for eating undercooked eggs, but your stomach might.

Anyways. Is that your oven beeping? YOU HAVN’T EVEN SHREDDED YOUR CHEESE YET!


Alright, you got your hashbrowns and bacon out of the oven. You cooked your eggs, and you even remembered to shred the cheese, good job! Now you’ve gotta put them together.

I put the bacon on the bottom, a little BBQ sauce on top of the bacon, then cheese, and then egg patty. I’d say you can’t do this wrong, but I’m sure somebody will find a way.

Once they’re stacked up, stick ‘em back in the oven! Get that cheese melting!

Also, at this point, everyone in the house will wonder what smell is coming from the kitchen, and you can convince them to take the pictures for you

Step 7: WRAP IT UP!

Alright, they’re out of the oven, throw the tops on them with your spatula (They’re hot, silly. Don’t burn yourself)

Now, you could totally eat one just like this, but remember I told you they’re greasy?

Yeah.. one more step

Step 8: NOW You Can Wrap It Up.

Get your paper towel. If you have those select-a-sheets, you’ll want two. Grab a square and pop it down

Take a side. Left or right, I took the right side first, bring it over the sandwich, so it’s along the side. Bring the other side back over, and then the bottom corner up. That top little flap up behind the sandwich? Curl the bugger back down and you can nom down on the guy without getting your hands shiny with potato, egg, and bacon greases. YUM!

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