Introduction: Breakfast Squares - Bacon and Egg Pastry

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I am a big fan of breakfast food, and I love dishes that are simple to make but still are very impressive looking. Using A few common ingredients and a little basic know-how, you can make my absolute favorite breakfast to make for guests (and myself), a thing I call a breakfast square!

Step 1: Watch the Video

If you like to learn things from videos, check out this video I made showing how I make breakfast squares! Sorry for how silly I am in it, I like to have fun with these videos.

Step 2: Gather Your Ingredients, Cook Bacon

The ingredients you'll need to make two breakfast squares are:

-1 roll of Pillsbury crescent roll dough

-4 eggs

-6ish pieces of bacon

-your favorite breakfast cheese (I used parmesan because its what I had on hand, but sharp cheddar would have been better)

-A few sprigs of tarragon

Next, cook your bacon to about 75% of the doneness that you want your final bacon to have. They will finish cooking when they are in the finished square. My preferred method of doing this is placing the strips of bacon on a cooling rack over a half sheet pan and popping them in the oven for 12-15 minutes. I pulled mine when they started getting plenty of color but were still floppy.

Step 3: Prep Your Square

Remove the crescent dough from its container and place them on a baking sheet.

Patch any little tears that form in the middle of the squares. You can use a pizza cutter to separate the two squares that come in each container.

Form a lip around the edges of the dough squares by pinching them until they make a wall all the way around.

Step 4: Load Up the Dough Square

Inside each dough square we will add:

-2 room temp eggs

-2 or three pieces of mostly cooked bacon

-salt and pepper


Step 5: Bake and Garnish

Place your squares in a 400 degree F oven for about 10 minutes, or until the eggs are white all the way through. You may have to pull it out a minute or so early if the crust is getting very dark.

To prep the tarragon, just run the sprig through your fingers tightly, the leaves should pull right off. Put these on top of your cooked squares with a flourish and a few magic words, and you're done!

Step 6: Serve to a Grateful World!

Thanks for reading this instructable, I would love if you left me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, or if you made one yourself!

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