Introduction: Breakfast-based Magazine Organizational Device

Its a magazine holder out of a recycled cereal box!

Cheap and effective, this magazine holder (once a large cereal box) now has a far extended life serving those avid readers and/or subscribers of magazines everywhere. The large model has a capacity of about 35 issues  of your average magazine with the usual issues of Popular Science as my rule of measure. The medium sized holder will hold about 25 issues

Step 1: Grab Your Stuff and Lets Go!

Ok, for this you'll need scissors, a sharpie, preferably a ruler, and some boxes that are deep enough and wide enough to hold the magazine in question upright and not be forced to fit.

Step 2: Patterns

Draw the pattern for your holder on the box. For me I measured 5 inches(13 cm) up in the front and 7 inches(18 cm) in the back, these of course are rough dimensions and you may be more comfortable with different dimensions.

Step 3: Its Cutting Time Again

Once you have your patterns cut lines drawn, break out the scissors. If you're using boxcutters, that will probably end up better than if you are using scissors, but if you are using scissors, I've got some tips for you. Go after the corners as they're easier to cut or tear into, next you'll want to just cut off a large chunk out of the top, above the line, sort of following it. Once you've taken care of that, start cutting on the lines you drew lifting up on the side to be discarded(it makes cutting ALOT easier)

Once you're done cutting out the box, its onto the next step

Step 4: Its All About Labels

Now its time for the logo labels(if you want them, that is)
Since I have an extensive collection of Popular Science, I will need organizers for them, so I printed labels, cut them out, and glued them on with craft store glue sticks.

Step 5: The Grand Finale

Now you're done! Hooray! Go forth and fill your new-found greener breakfast boxes with your massive piles of unbound periodicals.